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Word Up E-Cig has the best prices on name brand batteries and passthroughs (Aspire, Efest, Kanger & Innokin). Batteries are the most import safety feature of your e-cigarette. Our batteries are designed for high draw & multiple recharge use. Extremely long shelf life, high energy density and no memory effect make them the most efficient and cost effective batteries available. Passthroughs allow full use of your e-cig without the battery using only a USB port. Full WordUp Ecig No Hassle Warranty

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Sony VTC4 18650 Battery 15C 30Amp Kangertech EVOD 650mAh Manual Battery Kangertech EVOD 1000mAh VV Battery  [DISCONTINUED] Eco Safe 320 mah Batteries Hash oil
Eco Safe Batteries
Our Price: $15.99

Kangertech EVOD 1000mAh Battery Kangertech EVOD 650Ah VV Battery EVOD 650mAh USB Passthrough Vision X.Fir Mini Spinner 2 Battery
Vision Rainbow Spinner 650mAh eGo Variable Voltage Vision Spinner 650mAh eGo Variable Voltage EVOD 1000mAh USB Passthrough Vision Rainbow Spinner 900mAh eGo Variable Voltage
Vision Spinner Variable Voltage Battery 900mAh With Free Shipping Vision Rainbow Spinner 1300mAh eGo Variable Voltage Aspire CF G-Power 650mah Battery Vision Spinner Variable Voltage Battery 1300mAh
Aspire CF G-Power 650mah
Our Price: $26.99
Joye eGo ONE 2200mAh Battery Vision Spinner II Battery 1600mAh Aspire CF VV 1600mAh Battery Aspire CF VV 1100mAh Battery
Aspire CF VV 1600mAh
Our Price: $33.99
Aspire CF VV 1100mAh
Our Price: $34.99

Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Battery
Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Battery
Our Price: $44.99