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When shopping for your E-Cig Starter Kit, keep in mind that the lowest price is not always the best deal. All of our Starter Kits include EVERYTHING you need to begin vaping along with essential add-ons for one low price. Other stores may charge less for their kit but look carefully at what is included and you'll see why we sell more kits than anyone. Think you found a better price? Give us a call and we'll beat it. GUARANTEED.

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E-Cig Basics

An E-cig is an electronic device charged with a USB port/Wall outlet or car charger not unlike a cell phone or notebook. The cartridge/cartomizer/clearomizer contains the nicotine containing e-liquid. The cartridge/cartomizer/clearomizer feeds e-liquid to the e-cig atomizer. By pushing a button (manual type batteries) or simply drawing on the e-cig (automatic type batteries), the atomizer is activated turning the e-lquid to vapor. Unlike with traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes emit no odorous smoke. They release only a water vapor for inhalation. An E-cigarette can be recharged, refilled and reused numerous times amking them extremely cost effective. The most popular way to purchase an e-cig is in a starter kit. Quality starter kits will include everything you need to get started. Be careful. Some companies sell incomplete kits that are useless until you purchase all the required components. Unfortunetly, you won't know this until your kit arrives and you realize you can't use it. WordUp E-Cig sells only complete, ready to use starter kits.

E-Liquid Basics

E-Liquid should contain no more than 3 ingredients. It may contain flavoring (flavors should be all natural), nicotine (should be pure Pharmaceutical Grade) and the carrying agent that that 'holds" the nicotine. The carrying agent is either propylene glycol (PG) vegetable glycerin (VG) or 50/50 Mix (PG/VG). Again, purity is important so the PG and/or VG you use should be a USP Food Grade & Kosher. At WordUp E-Cig, we make our own e-liquid with the strictest standards of quality, purity and safety applied. Be careful buying cheap or off brand e-liquid as you literally have no idea what may be inside.